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Low/No Suction | How to Video | Powerlifter™/PowerTrak® 1307 1309

Does your vacuum have low or no suction? Here is a video with some tips to maintain the performance of your vacuum.

Video Transcript:

Does your vacuum have low or no suction? Here are some tips to maintain the performance of your vacuum.

Check the dirt tank and ensure it is emptied when dirt reaches the ‘full’ line. Remove the dirt tank by pressing the empty button on the tank and handle. Twist the lid counterclockwise and pull straight out. If you notice build up around the lid, shake the lid before pulling all the way out of the tank. The dirt tank can be washed in warm water with mild detergent when it becomes dirty, ensure it is completely dry before replacing.

The inner cyclone can be removed for cleaning. Twist the cyclone clockwise to unlock and pull straight down to remove. The inner cyclone may be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Ensure the cyclone is locked back in correctly as it will impact performance and separation.

Check the pre-motor filter and post-motor filter for debris. Dirty filters can restrict air flow.

To access the pre-motor filter, remove the dirt tank from the vacuum base and remove the pre-motor filter located under the dirt tank. The pre-motor filter should be checked monthly and can be hand washed in warm water with mild detergent. Allow the filter to air dry completely and reinstall. If you notice wear and tear of the foam filter order replacements on

Replace the post-motor filter every three to six months to maintain optimal performance. To access the post-motor filter, detent the vacuum back and press the filter door release to remove the filter. When the filter becomes dirty, replace the filter, you can find filter replacements on You can gently shake outside dirt off if build up is minimal. The white, pleated post-motor filter is not washable and must be replaced.

To check the hose for clogs or cracks, refer to the Clearing a Clog video

To clean or replace the floor brush or check the belt, refer to the Replacing Brush Roll and Drive Belt Video

If still no or low suction, please take the unit to an Authorized Service Center to have a Quality Technician inspect the unit.

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