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My Powerlifter® (1307 & 1309 models) Vacuum is very loud. Why?

  • Check the Pre-motor and Post-motor filters for debris. Also, the separator can be removed to clean off (twist to the right and pull down). If rinsed, make sure it is completely dry before putting back into the dirt tank and machine (make sure to turn left to lock into place). Failure to properly maintain the filters could result in damage to the motor making it loud. The Pre-Motor filter (either all grey and black, or grey and white) should be checked at least once a month (or more depending on use) and cleaned or replaced as needed. The Pre-Motor filter can be accessed by removing the Easy Empty dirt tank from the vaccum base. The filter will be located directly under where the dirt tank sits. Grasp the filter and remove it from the vacuum. While holding over the trash, gently separate the layers of the filter (being careful not to rip the filter layers) and shake out the excess debris. The filter may also be rinsed with warm water. Allow the filter to completely air dry before replacing. If it is damaged, replace with a new filter. The Pre-Motor filter can only go in one way. The thinnest part of the foam filter will face down when putting back into place on the machine. In addition, the filter has a special shape to it that makes it only go in one way.
  • 1309 pre motor filter in machine
    1309 pre motor filter out of the machine
  • The Post-Motor filter assists in the filtration process to return clean air to the room. This filter should be replaced every three to six months depending on use of the vacuum. The Post-Motor filter is located in front of the vacuum near the height adjustment knob. It is easiest to have the vacuum fully reclined to access the filter. Remove the filter door by pressing latch downward. Remove the filter by grasping the handle on the front of the filter and pulling it out of the vacuum. Note: the WHITE pleated post-motor filter CAN be washed with warm water or detergent. Allow to completely air dry before replacing. Replace the filter in the machine with the handle facing you. Replace the door by hooking the bottom into the grooves and rotate toward the machine snapping it into place. If the filter is damaged, replace with a new filter.
  • 1309 post motor filters
  • A clogged hose may also cause the machine to sound abnormal - see Clearing Clogs FAQ if necessary.
  • Unplug the machine, recline so the machine is flat on the floor, turn it over and unscrew the seven (7) screws with a Phillips head screwdriver (magnetic Phillips head is preferred) (see pictures below). Turn the machine back over, with the machine still reclined, lift the plate stright up and set aside (see picture below). Grasp the brush at both ends to lift and remove. Clean off any debris, hair or string. If the brush appears worn or the ends seem jammed, the brush will need to be replaced.
  • 1309 brush removal
  • With the brush roll and belt out of the machine, test the machine by plugging it in and turning it on. If the noise goes away the brush and belt need to be replaced.
  • If it is still loud, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care at 1-800-237-7691 so a Representative can assist you further.
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