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My Steam Ready™ is Leaking Between the Water Tank and Unit. What do I check?

  • Check the water tank to ensure it is pushed securely onto the unit.  You will hear it "click" into place once it is seated properly.
  • Look over the cap and insert and be sure it is not cracked, and that the rubber gasket that is at the tip of the cap is not torn or missing.  Are you using anything in addition to water in the tank?  Vinegar or anything other than water will cause deformity of the gasket or cause internal damage to the machine.  Per the manual ONLY water is to be used to fill the tank.  Do not use vinegar or any other solutions other than water, distilled water, or our scented waters in your tank.
  • Check the x-valve and ensure it is working properly.  Push up on the valve over the sink to ensure the water releases out of the tank.  If it does not, a new cap will be needed.
  • If all these steps fail to get your machine to function, please contact us at this link for additional assistance:
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