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Why does my PowerGroom®/CleanView® Canister Vac have no or low suction?

Use the following steps if your PowerGroom®/CleanView® Canister Vac has no or low suction: 
  • Detach the hose from the base of the machine by pushing on the release tab and pulling out.

remove hose from machine

  • Detach the hose from the extension wand by grasping each piece and pulling them apart. Do the same to detach the foot.

separate hose from extension wand separate foot from extension wand 

  • Remove the dirt tank by pressing release the button and lifting the tank away from the machine.

remove dirt tank

  • With all pieces detached, inspect all dirt flow openings for clogs.
  • If clog is found, run a broomstick down the piece with a clog to clear it.
  • Also, inspect the hose section by section for holes or cracks. If a hole or crack is found, a new hose needs to be ordered.
  • Reattach the pieces by inserting them into their corresponding parts.
  • With the dirt tank still removed, over a trash bin, press the empty latch on the back of the tank. Snap shut the bottom lid.
  • Separate the top handle from the bottom tank by grasping the carry handle and the base of the dirt tank. Twist the carry handle counterclockwise.
  • Grasp the filter handle and lift it out of the dirt tank.

unlock dirt tank lid lift filter out of dirt tank 

  • To separate the filter pieces, twist the filter handle counterclockwise while grasping the base of the outer cyclone. 
  • Next, twist the filter handle counterclockwise while grasping the base of the inner cyclone. Clear away any debris build up. If necessary, wash pieces and allow to completely dry before reassembly.
NOTE: DO NOT wash filter. To clean, tap on side of trash bin.

separate outer and innner cyclone separate filter from inner cyclone 

  • To reassemble, align tabs on the filter piece with their mating slots on the inner cyclone and twist clockwise. 

align tabs on filter

  • Do the same to connect the inner and outer cyclone pieces. Reinsert pieces into the dirt tank. The filter should sit level.  

NOTE: the filter will not sit level if the tabs on the front are not aligned.

dirt tank

  • Reattach the top lid to the dirt tank by aligning the clear notch with the slot on the top lid. The clear notch should point towards unlocked. Twist clockwise to lock.

dirt tank unlock zoom

  • Reattach the dirt tank to the machine and power on. 
If your machine still has no or low suction, please contact us. A representative will be happy to assist you.
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