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My Steam&Sweep is not producing steam. What should I check?


*Please don’t use vinegar or other cleansing solutions in your steam product. Demineralized or distilled water is recommended for optimal performance. Ambient tap water can also be used in your steam product.

  1. Make sure the trigger has tension by checking it springs back when depressed. If the handle doesn’t have tension, unplug the unit, remove the water filter and tank from the back of the machine, and remove and reinstall the handle.
  2. Check the filter for cracks or damage. If it’s cracked or pitted, order a new filter here.
  3. Check the color of the filter grains. They should be green. If they’re blue, order a new one.
  4. Make sure the filter is seated correctly on the bottom of the machine. If the filter isn’t lined up straight, remove and reinstall it.
  5. Make sure the tank is full of ambient tap, distilled, or demineralized water.
  6. Plug the machine in and make sure the blue ‘Ready Light’ is illuminated on the front of the machine. If the light doesn’t illuminate after a few minutes, unplug the machine and try a different outlet. If that doesn’t work, call BISSELL Consumer Care (see below).
  7. Check for steam by removing the Water Tank and filter from the machine and pouring a small amount of water in the receiver area for the male connector on the filter. With the trigger depressed for two minutes, check if water dissipates and the machine starts to steam.
    1. If the machine doesn’t steam, remove the mop foot and press the trigger to check for steam at the base of the machine.
    2. If it doesn’t steam with the mop foot removed, clean the spray tip area by inserting a paper clip into the hole. If that doesn’t work, call Consumer Care.
    3. If the machine does steam with the mop head removed, the mop foot could be clogged. Pour white vinegar through the hole of the mop foot to clean it out.

      *Don’t run vinegar or any other cleaning supplies through the machine via the Water Tank.

    4. Re-assemble the mop foot. Attach the filter and Water Tank and depress the trigger to check for steam. You may hear a soft knocking sound which is normal as the machine tries to pull water through the pump and filter. It should stop after a few minutes.

For other questions or concerns, call:

BISSELL Consumer Care at 1-800-237-7691

Monday – Friday 8am-10pm EST

Saturday 9am-8pm EST

Sunday 10am – 7pm EST

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