BISSELL Homecare, Inc. and its related companies (collectively, “BISSELL”) are committed to making its websites accessible to all visitors, including visitors with disabilities. BISSELL is working to maintain and increase the accessibility of its website to ensure that persons with disabilities have full and equal enjoyment of BISSELL’s electronic services and opportunities. BISSELL has established this Website Accessibility Policy (“Policy”) to update you on our progress and ensure we provide services, information, and a retail experience to all our customers in alignment with our core values.

BISSELL is adopting and implementing procedures to meet the relevant portions of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We have retained a third-party digital accessibility auditing firm to assist us in this process, and we will conduct periodic website accessibility audits and incorporate recommendations to facilitate and strengthen accessibility in conformance with WCAG standards.  BISSELL employees who are central to our website software and design development also will be trained and educated on current website accessibility guidelines and principles.

All the above involves a substantial investment of time and resources.  If you should have any questions about this process or if you would like assistance navigating the BISSELL website please call toll-free 1-855-847-3133 any time, day or night and a trained operator will be able to help.  You can also reach us by Email from 9a-9p M-F, 9a-8p Sat, or 10a-7p Sun.