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Fix Brush/Belt | How To Videos | TurboClean™/PowerForce® Cleaner

Maintaining the belt and brush roll on your TurboClean™ is easy, we’ll show you how.  Before you begin, be sure your machine is turned off and unplugged. You’ll need 1 Phillips and 1 Flathead screwdriver.

  • First, remove the collection tank by pulling up and out on the latches on both sides of the tank and pulling up on the carry handle. Then remove the clean water tank by lifting it straight up
  • Lay the machine front side down to access the bottom of the foot
  • To detach the belt cover, remove the screw by twisting the phillips head screwdriver counter clockwise and pulling it out.
  • If you want to replace or clean the belt, remove the belt by slightly lifting the brushroll to move the belt and remove it.
  • If the belt is broken, it needs to be replaced
  • When removing the brush roll, the cap will come with it, be sure not to lose this part
  • You can clean the brush roll by holding it under running water
  • To reattach the brush roll back to the machine, insert the brush into the left side end cap, first. Adjust the left side of the brush until in place and tuck the right brush roll cap into place
  • Now replace the belt by looping it around the pulley, then around the end of the brush roll. 
  • Secure the brush roll into place by sliding the square piece to align the brush roll
  • Manually rotate the brush to make sure it rotates freely and the belt is aligned
  • With the belt and brushroll in place, reattach the belt cover and screw it into place by twisting clockwise with a Phillips screwdriver

That’s it, now you’re ready to get cleaning with your TurboClean™

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