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Cleaning After Use | How to Videos | TurboClean™/PowerForce® PowerBrush

Cleaning your TurboClean™ after usage is easy, we’ll show you how. Before you begin, be sure your machine is turned off and unplugged.

  • First, remove the collection tank by pulling up and out on the latches on both sides of the tank
  • Carefully remove the tank by lifting up on the tank carry handle
  • To empty the tank, pour out the contents through the opening on the the back of the tank
  • Then rinse the tank thoroughly
  • Now remove the tank vent and foam filter from the top of the collection tank and rinse both. Set them aside to dry before reassembly
  • To remove the nozzle, with the collection tank off the unit, gently pull the two tabs that point up near the front of the unit. Unhook the nozzle to remove it
  • Now rinse the nozzle under running water and set it aside to dry.
  • Once dry you can reattach the nozzle. Tilt the machine back slightly and align the nozzle hooks to the bottom of the foot. Rotate the nozzle up to click in back into place
  • Remove any debris from the red gasket on the base of the unit
  • Once clean and dry, you can reattach the collection tank to the base of the machine. Secure both latches on the sides of the tank.
  • Wrap the power cord around the quick release cord wrap
  • Now your collection tank is clean and ready for storage.
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