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Why does my Powerglide® Cordless Vacuum have no or low suction to the hose?

Use the following steps if your PowerGlide Cordless Vacuum has no or low suction to the hose:
  • The grey suction knob must be turned towards "hose" to activate strong suction at the hose/wand.

suction knob hose

  • The dirt tank should be empty and the inner cyclone should be clean. Remove the tank by pressing the “Empty” button located on the handle. 
  • Over a trash bin, press the empty latch on the bottom back of the dirt tank to empty the tank. Snap shut the bottom lid of the dirt tank. 
  • Separate the top handle portion and the bottom tank portion by grasping the carry handle and base of the dirt tank and twisting the carry handle to the unlock position. (Turning carry handle left to right)

separate dirt tank separate dirt tank 2

  • Remove the filter and lift the inner cyclone out of the dirt tank. Separate the two cyclone parts by grasping the metal handle and the clear bottom tube and twisting the metal handle counterclockwise until it clicks out of place. 

remove cyclone separate cyclone

  • Rinse the cyclone pieces as needed and allow to completely dry before reassembly.
  • To reassemble the cyclone pieces, align the three tabs on the top cyclone piece with their mating slots in the bottom cyclone piece. Twist the metal to the right until the two parts lock into place.
  • Place the assembled cyclone pieces back into the dirt tank and properly replace the filter.
  • The filter should be clean and in-place so that the words "Washable Filter" are facing up. If necessary, wash the filter and allow to completely dry before reinserting. 

filter right side up

  • Reattach the top handle portion to the bottom tank portion by aligning the black arrow with the unlock white arrow and twisting right until they lock together.
  • Reattach the entire dirt tank to the body of the machine and test for suction at the hose.
  • If your machine still has no/low suction to the hose, detach the hose and check for clogs.
  • Detach the hose by pinching the two release tabs on the end of the hose and lifting up. Next, detach the wand by pressing the wand release latch and lifting the wand out of the machine.

detach hose remove wand

  • Look down the wand and stretch the hose section by section to check for clogs. If a clog is found, clear it using a broom stick.
  • Reinsert the wand until it clicks into place. Reattach the bottom portion of the hose until it clicks into place and test for suction at the hose.
If your machine still has no/low suction at the hose, please contact us. A representative will be happy to assist you.

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