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Why won't the brush roll on my Pet Hair Eraser® turn?


Use the following steps if your Pet Hair Eraser® brush roll won't turn:

NOTE: the machine must be reclined and the brush roll switch must be turned on to activate the brush roll.

  • If your machine's brush roll still won't turn, the Brush Roll Safety Feature may have been triggered. 
  • With your machine plugged in, look at the clear ring surrounding the height adjustment knob on the foot of the machine. 
  • If the light has turned red, the Brush Roll Safety Feature has been activated indicating an obstruction or an incorrect height adjustment setting is being used.

NOTE: If you are vacuuming plush or premium soft carpet, set the height adjustment to "high carpet".

height red

  • To check for obstructions, unplug, recline, and turn your machine over. Clear any obstructions. Reset the brush roll by returning the vacuum to the upright position.  
  • If the ring around the height adjustment knob has turned blue, the brush roll and belt will need to be checked for damage.

height blue  

  • To check for damage, unplug, recline, and turn your machine over. Remove the 9 screw on the brush access plate, remove the brush roll and, slide the belt off the metal pulley.

brush access plate screws

  • On a flat surface, hold one end of the brush roll upright and use your other hand to spin the brush roll. If the brush roll does not spin freely, a new brush roll needs to be ordered.

brush spinning

  • If the ridges on the belt are worn or the belt is broken, a new belt needs to be ordered.
  • If no damage is found to the brush or belt, replace the brush roll and belt. 

Watch The Video

  • To replace, slide the brush roll back through the belt and pinch the other end of the belt to hook it back around the silver motor gear.

belt install

  • Line up the end caps of the brush roll and firmly push them back into place.

brush install

  • Manually rotate the the brush to align the belt. Replace the brush access plate and reinsert the 9 screws. Test to see if your brush roll will turn.

If your brush roll still won't turn, please contact us. A representative will be happy to assist you.

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