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Why does my DeepClean Essential® have low/no suction?


Use the following steps if you have no suction at the floor. If you low or no suction at the hose, scroll down the page.

1. First, remove the tank and check for cracks. Also, check the floor nozzle for cracks and clogs. Make sure the black rubber gasket that the nozzle connects to is properly attached to the base of the cleaner. If you find one of these parts is damaged, they should be replaced.

2. Make sure that the dial on the base of the cleaner is set to “Floor Cleaning.” This dial allows you to choose between floor cleaning or tools (i.e. the hose). To get suction at the floor, this dial must be set to floor cleaning.

3. See if the tank lid is properly attached to the bottom half of the tank. To attach properly, the lid must be fit in place and then latched down. You should be able to lift the tank by the carry handle.

4. After checking the tank lid, make sure that the tank itself is properly seated in the base of the cleaner. With the handle reclined, set the tank on the base.  If it doesn’t sit securely, try again.  The valve on the underside of the tank needs to connect into the inlet on the base (pictured below).

DeepClean Essential inlet base

5. Now, check if there’s suction at the motor duct gasket. Make sure the red lint screen isn’t clogged, as this can reduce suction and overheat the motor. Turn the machine on and check for suction at the motor duct (red lint screen area). If there’s no suction here, you’ll need to take your cleaner to a technician. To locate a BISSELL® Authorized Service near you click here. If there is suction at the duct, go on to step 6.

8852 DC Essential motor duct

6.  See if the red float flap door in the tank is activating prematurely. If it’s floating up prematurely, it’s shutting off the suction. It should be replaced.

7. If the above steps didn’t work and you still don’t have suction, please take your cleaner to a technician. See the link in step 5 to find one near you.

Start here if you have suction at the floor, but not at the hose:

1.  First, make sure that the cleaner is upright. The cleaner must be securely in the upright position to get suction at the hose.

2. Next, double check that the selection dial on the top of the base of the cleaner is turned to the “tools” selection.

3. Make sure the water tank is not full on the outside of the bladder.  Empty the tank if necessary.

4. Check the tank lid and the tank for damage.  Any type of break or crack would reduce suction.  If either is broken, they should be replaced. Parts & Supplies

5. If still there’s still no suction, please take your deep cleaner to a technician. To locate a BISSELL® Authorized Service Center click here.

You can contact us, a representative will be happy to assist you.

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