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Why does my CrossWave™ have low or no suction?


Watch The Video

Use the following steps if your CrossWave™ has no or low suction:

  • The “Hard Floor” or the “Rug” button should be pressed to activate suction. If there is no suction at this point, please contact us.

power and mode buttons
  • Recline the unit to activate the brush roll. If the brush roll begins to turn, continue troubleshooting. If the brush roll does not turn, refer to the “Brush Not Turning” FAQ for more information.
  • Remove the dirty water tank to check the suction strength of the motor duct.
  • To remove, grab the front handle of the dirty water tank and press down on the release button. Turn the vac on and feel for suction strength at the motor duct. If suction is strong, continue troubleshooting. If there is low/no suction at the duct, please contact us. 

dirty water tank remove motor duct suction

  • The dirty water tank should be empty and the filter should be clean and dry. To empty the tank, grasp the top of the tank at the sides of the filter and pull up to remove the top portion of the tank from the water tank.
  • If the filter is dirty, remove the filter and hand wash the filter and screen with warm water. *Note: a new filter may be needed if old/worn. If the filter is wet, remove the filter and allow it to completely dry before reassembly.
  • The grey float should be clean and hand-washed if necessary. There should be a black rubber gasket around the top portion of the dirty water tank. If not, a new gasket needs to be ordered.

dirty water tank remove lid

  • Once all pieces are completely dry, place the filter back into the top portion of the tank and put the top portion back into the water tank. Tip the tank back and forth to ensure the grey float inside of the water tank shifts freely in place.
  • Reattach the water tank to your machine. To reattach, angle the water tank back into the body of the machine bottom first. Then push the tank in until it clicks into place. The tank should sit flush with the front of the machine. The tank should not be loose and there should be no gaps. Test for suction.
dirty water tank remove
  • If the suction on your machine is still low, unplug the machine and check for clogs in the debris channel of the foot. Remove the water tank, remove the brush window, and recline the machine.
  • With a pen/bendy straw clear any obstructions in the channel. Reattach the water tank and brush window and test for suction.

suction channel clear clog suction channel clear clog foot

If your machine still has low or no suction, please contact us. A representative will be happy to assist you.

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