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My SpotClean has no suction or very little suction. What do I check?


1.   Make sure the dirty water tank isn’t full.  You can empty the tank 2 separate ways:  The round cap on the bottom or at the black rubber plug at the top.  If it is loose or off, it will not allow suction. Check to see if you have  regained suction.

SpotClean Tank Plug

2.   Remove the dirty water tank.  Try checking for suction at the opening below the tank by placing your hand over it.

SpotClean Motor Duct

If there is no suction there please take the machine to a BISSELL® Authorized Service Center to have a tech check it out.  You can find one at

If there is suction

Pull out the black “duck bill” gasket from the bottom of the empty tank you removed.  Check to see if it’s sealed, missing, or installed wrong in the collection tank; ensure the gasket will open by squeezing open the flat-end, and then reinstall it.  The tall side of the gasket should be inserted into the rounded opening (See pictures below)

SpotClean Duck Bill Gasket(1)

  Replace a missing or deformed gasket.  You can find one at this link:

3.  Replace the dirty water tank, and grab the hose.

            Check for suction at the end of the hose with the attachment off by suctioning water out of the sink or a cup.

                    If there’s NO suction at end of the hose…

                            - Check the hose for clogs by lifting the hose above the unit to allow the water to go into the collection tank. If it does not, please take the machine to a BISSELL Authorized Service Center have a quality   tech inspect the unit.

                   If there is suction at end of hose…

                             - Check the upholstery tool for cracks. Replace if necessary.

                                    - Clean the spray tip of tool with brush, and/or paperclip.

4The SpotClean has been designed to protect itself from overheating with an internal Thermal Protector that shuts the unit off when it overheats.  When the Thermal Protector activates, the suction motor will stop operating.  If this happens, turn the machine off and unplug it.  Check the hose and attachment for any blockages and remove if necessary.  Check the dirty water tank for clogs in and around the plastic tower in the middle.  Wait thirty (30) minutes and the thermal protector will automatically reset itself and cleaning may continue. 

5.  If none of these resolve your issue, you can take your unit to one of our BISSELL Authorized Service Centers to have a tech inspect it. You can locate one by clicking here:

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