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My BOLT™ has no or low suction. What do I check?


  • Models 1311, 1312, and 1315 have suction controls on the handle. Be sure you are using the correct suction for the type of cleaning you are doing. The suction can be controlled by pressing the "+/-" button on the handle. You will hear a change in the motor - higher for more suction; lower for less suction.
  • On models 1311, and 1312 series, the vacuum has EdgeReach™ Technology. If the machine is not suctioning properly, make sure the EdgeReach is turned off. If it is not turned off, the dirt will be pushed around in front of the machine and it will not pick anything up in front of you. However, if you'd like to use the EdgeReach, push the "edgereach" button on the handle. This will engage the EdgeReach feature and light up the sides of the foot to let you know it is on. (See pictures below).

Bolt edge sweep

  • Make sure the foot is fully inserted into the body of the machine and also make sure the hand vac is fully locked into place on the body of the machine. If the hand vac is not fully locked into place on the body of the vacuum, the machine will not turn on.
  • Detach the hand vac from the body of the machine. Grasp the handle of the hand vac and pull straight out.
  • Make sure the dirt container is empty. Press on the black button just beneath the power button on the hand vac. Pull the dirt cup down, remove the filter and filter screen, then empty dirt into the trash. (See picture below).

bolt hand vac improper

  • Make sure the dirt cup is properly attached to the hand vac. It should click properly into place and the dirt cup should have no space between where the dirt cup meets the battery pack. (See picture below).

bolt hand vac proper

  • Detach the hand vac from the body of the machine. Remove the dirt container from the hand vac (see picture under "make sure the dirt container is empty) and power the unit on to check for suction at the motor duct. (See picture below)

bolt suction gate

  • If there is suction at the motor duct, with the hand vac removed, turn the power on and check for suction at the end of the nozzle.
    • If there is no suction check to see if the nozzle is clogged. If so, remove the obstruction and check for suction again.
  • bolt foot nozzle

  • Is the dirt cup full?
    • If yes it is full - empty (Follow steps above for assistance)
  • If it is empty,
    • Check the filter and filter screen. Are they dirty?
      • If they are dirty, remove the dirt cup from the hand vac. Pull out the filter screen, which contains the filter from the middle of the dirt cup. Pull out the white filter (you must unlock the filter from the lock position to lift straight out) and wash the filter screen and filter with warm water and mild detergent. Make sure they are completely dry before placing back into the dirt cup. (See pictures below how to remove filter from screen).
    • BOLT filter screen in place

      BOLT Filters

  • Wipe the inside of the dirt cup and reinstall the filters and put the hand vac back together and put back on the body of the machine. Test the machine for suction. Proceed if still no suction.
  • Remove the foot assembly and check for clogs in three places (See pictures below):

bolt foot nozzle

bolt obstructions checklist

  • Is the foot assembly locked into place? You should hear it "click" into place when it's installed properly on the machine.
  • Is the machine fully charged? If not, please click on the FAQ for "No Power" for charging instructions.
  • If the machine still has little or no suction after complete troubleshooting has been done, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care at 800-237-7691. A Representative will be happy to assist you.
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