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Why is my Steam Ready™ Leaving too Much Water on the Floor?


 If the Steam Ready is leaving too much water on the floor, you may be holding the trigger down too long.  The 15 - 20 second step in the User Guide is meant to sterilize the area being cleaned and is not necessary during normal use.  You should only hold the trigger down long enough to wet the mop pad and should continue as necessary.  You should not exceed 20 seconds of continually depressing the trigger.

  • Check the water tank by removing it and look it over to see if there are any cracks or leaks in the tank itself.  They may be difficult to see so be sure to inspect it closely in a well-lit area or room.  Also, be sure there is water in the tank while you are checking.  This way you can see if it is dripping from any place.
  • If there are cracks, a new tank will be needed.
  • Then, look over the cap and insert to ensure it is not cracked and the rubber gasket that is at the tip of the cap is not torn or missing.
  • Check the x-valve and ensure it is working properly.  Push up on the valve over the sink to see if water releases out of the tank.  If not, a new cap and insert will be needed.
  • Finally, is the water tank seated in the machine properly with no gaps?  You should hear it "click" into place when you put it back in the machine.
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