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Why does my Symphony™ Vac & Steam have no suction?


Use the following steps if your Symphony™ has no suction:

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NOTE: the VAC button must be pressed to activate suction. When pressed, the VAC button will light up.

  • Remove the dirt cup to check the suction strength of the motor gasket. To remove, slide the lock lever below the dirt cup to the left and pull the dirt cup out.
  • Turn the vac on and feel for suction strength at the motor duct. If no/weak suction, locate the service center nearest you.

motor gasket

  • The dirt cup should be empty and the machine should have two filters. You should have the pleated white filter and the black foam filter (no foam filter on Pet version). If either of the filters are missing, they will need to be ordered.
  • The filters should be free of build-up. If your filters are dirty, they should be washed and allowed to completely dry before reassembly.

both filters

  • To reassemble insert the black foam filter into the bottom of the white pleated filter piece. Insert the two filters into the separator and place the separator into the dirt cup. Align the notches on each piece. 

insert filter in separator insert separator in dirt cup

pet filter pet dirt cup

  • Reinsert the dirt cup. To lock the dirt cup in place, slide the lock lever to the right until it’s centered below the dirt cup. The cup should not be loose and there should be no gaps. Test for suction.
  • If still no suction, remove, clean, and reattach the hose tube. To remove, grasp the bottom end of the hose, swing the tube outward, and pull out. Separate the tubes and clear any clogs.
  • To reassemble, insert the grey tube into the clear tube, twist until the grey edge meets the edge inside the clear tube  

swing hose outward twist tubes

  • To reattach, align the tabs on the clear tube with the notches on the machine and swing down to align lower tube with the opening on the machine. Firmly push the lower tube into locking place, leaving no gaps.

hose gap hose no gap

  • If your machine still has no suction, check the suction hole on the foot of the machine for clogs. 
  • To separate the machine from the foot, press the black release latch on the back of the machine and pull up on the body of the machine. 
  • Turn the vac on and feel for suction at the base of the body of the machine. (Clear any obstructions)
  •  If suction is strong, check the opening of the foot of the machine for clogs. (Clear any obstructions) Reattach the body of the machine to the foot and test for suction.

If your machine still has no suction, please contact us. A representative will be happy to assist you.

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