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My CleanView® or Powerlifter® Vacuum trips my circuit breaker. What should I do?

  1. First check all filters on the machine to make sure they are clean and no debris has built up, which can make the motor overheat and thereby “trip” a breaker. Check the Pre-Motor and Post Motor Filters.
    You should be checking the Pre-Motor filter at least once a month and clean or replace as needed. You can access the Pre-Motor filter by removing the Easy Empty dirt tank from the vacuum base and pushing the “Push for filter” button located on the carry handle. Remove the foam filter from the filter tray (regular foam filter is yellow). You may wash this filter, but it must be allowed to completely air dry before putting it back into the machine. See pictures below:
  2. CleanView filter 1
    • The Post-Motor filter assists in the filtration process to return clean air to the room. You should be replacing this filter every three to six months depending on use of the vacuum. You can access this filter by removing the filter tray located below the Easy Empty dirt tank. See pictures below. When the filter is dirty, push the filter through the bottom of the tray to clean or replace. Note: the white pleated post-motor filter may NOT be washed with water or detergent. If dust and debris accumulates on the filter, tap the filter on the side of a garbage container.

    • CleanView filter 2
    • More frequent filter cleaning or replacing may be necessary if you are vacuuming new carpet, fine dust, or have allergy concerns.
  3. Is there any damage to the cord? If there is damage, please take the machine to a BISSELL Authorized Service Center to have a technician check it.

  4. You can locate one by clicking here:
  5. Is the machine plugged into an extension cord? If so, remove the extension cord and try the machine in another outlet.
  6. Check the amp limit of your circuit breakers, the circuit may keep “tripping” if additional appliances are plugged into the same circuit. If nothing else is plugged into the circuit, there is a good chance it will not “trip.”
  7. If the machine is still tripping the breaker, please take the machine to a BISSELL Authorized Service Center to have a technician check it.

You can locate one by clicking here:

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