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Why is my Hard Floor Expert® blowing dust?

Use the following steps if your Hard Floor Expert is blowing dust:
  • Locate the post-motor filter on the back of the vacuum. Press down on the right filter door tab to remove the door.
  • Remove the foam filter. If necessary, wash the filter and allow to completely dry before reassembly. Reattach the filter door.

remove post motor filter

post motor filter (2)

  • Pull up on the tab at the front of the vacuum to open the dirt cup compartment.

dirt tank lid remove dirt tank

  • To remove the dirt cup, grasp it firmly and lift it out.
  • Lift the clear open tab on the dirt cup to empty it.
  • Snap the lid back on and turn the dirt tank over with the filter facing up. Lift up on the black tabs to detach the white pleated filter.

remove filter

  • Turn the filter over to inspect the black foam filter.
NOTE: only the black foam filter can be washed and must be allowed to completely dry before reassembly. Tap the white filter on the side of a trash bin to clean it.
  • Reattach the filter so the black tab is towards the lid of the dirt cup.
  • Reinsert the dirt cup, close the dirt cup compartment lid, and test for suction.
NOTE: the dirt cup compartment lid will not shut if the dirt cup is not properly in place.

If your machine is still blowing dust, please contact us. A representative will be happy to assist you.

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