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Why won't my Symphony™ Vac & Steam produce steam?


Use the following steps if your Symphony™ Vac & Steam won't produce steam:

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NOTE: if the trigger on your machine doesn't make a clicking sound when pressed, please locate the Service Center nearest you to have this repaired.

  • The water tank on the back of the machine should be at least half full of room temperature water.
  • Plug the machine in and once the “Steam Ready” light has stopped blinking, set the steam setting to “HI”. Hold the trigger until the knocking sound has faded. 
  • If your machine isn't steaming, unplug the machine and remove the water filter. The filter is located on the back of the machine below the water tank. 
  • Identify the type of filter your machine has using the picture below:

water filters

  • With the filter still removed, check for cracks and for damage to the rubber gasket. If a crack or damage is found, a new filter will need to be ordered.
  • If you have a "True Water Filter" try soaking it in cold water for 10-15 minutes to re-hydrate it.

NOTE: please see our "How do I know when to change the water filter on my Symphony™" FAQ for more information on Symphony™ water filters. 

  • To ensure proper installation, push the filter back into place until it sits snug against the machine. There should be no gaps. 

filter gap filter no gap

  • Plug machine in, wait for “Steam Ready” light to stop blinking, set steam setting to “HI” and hold trigger,
  • If your machine still won't produce steam, check for steam at the spray tip.
  • Remove the foot from the machine by pushing the black release latch (next to the bottom hose).
  • Over a sink, pointing the unit away from any body parts, test for steam at the spray tip.
  • If no steam is produced, unplug the machine, clear any obstructions from the spray tip with a paperclip, and re-test for steam.

spray tip base

  • If steam is produced at the spray tip, the spray tip on the foot is likely clogged. Unplug the machine, remove the mop pad, and turn the foot over. Clear any obstructions from the spray tip on the foot, reattach the foot, reattach the mop pad, and test for steam.

spray tip foot

NOTE: descaling, alcoholic chemicals, additives, or detergent products should not be used in your Symphony™. These solutions will damage the unit.

If your machine still won’t steam, please contact us. A representative will be happy to assist you.

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