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My PowerEdge® has low to no suction. What should I do?

  1. First, make sure the dirt cup is empty and attached correctly. If there are any gaps between the dirt cup and the foot of the unit, the vacuum will lose suction.
  2. Remove the separator grill, a plastic insert in the upper tank, and check for debris. The grill can be cleaned with water. To remove the separator grill (the red plastic insert in the upper tank), grasp the separator grill by the circular bottom and twist counterclockwise to unlock.
    If you can’t get the separator out, please see our “separator hard to remove” FAQ.
  3. 81L2 separator grill
  4. Check the filter cup for debris and clean if necessary. Remember: there are two filters in the filter cup, as seen below.
  5. 81L2 foam filter
  6. Check for suction at the motor duct (the motor duct is beneath the pre-motor mesh filter, pictured below). Remove the circular filter cup under the dirt container to check the motor duct. If there’s no suction here, go on to step 8. If there is suction, go on to step 5.
  7. 81L2 motor duct
  8. Check the pre-motor mesh filter to make sure it’s clean. The filter can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent. Make sure the filter is completely dry before putting it back into the vacuum.
  9. Remove the foot of the vacuum by pressing the white latch and look inside the foot at the suction path. Shake out debris clogged in the foot of the vacuum. If shaking the foot doesn’t clear the clog, try pushing a pipe cleaner into the foot to loosen any buildup. The pictures below depict some of the spots to check.
  10. 81L2 latch
    81L2 clog
    81L2 clog 2
  11. Make sure to properly snap the foot back into the vacuum before you test for suction. If the foot is loose, it could cause poor suction.
  12. If there’s still no suction, please take your vacuum to a technician. You can find your nearest BISSELL® Authorized Service Center by clicking or by calling 1-800-237-7691, available 24 hours a day.
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