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Why won't the brush roll on my Powerglide® Cordless Vacuum turn?


Use the following steps if the brush roll on your Powerglide® Cordless Vacuum won't turn:

  • With the machine's battery fully charged, power the machine on. If your machine does not turn on, please see our "Why won't my Powerglide® Cordless Vacuum charge or power on?” FAQ.
  • With the machine still powered on, recline the vacuum and press the brush on/off button to activate the brush roll.

Brush roll button

  • If your brush roll still won't spin, the Brush Roll Reset feature may have activated due to high pile carpet or an obstruction.
  • Turn your machine off, turn it over, and check for obstructions in and around the brush roll. Remove any obstructions found and allow your machine to cool down for approximately 5 minutes before retesting the brush roll.
  • If your brush roll still won't spin, there may be an issue in the foot of your machine.
  • Remove the foot from the body of the machine by pressing the grey release button located on the lower back of the machine and lifting up on the machine.
  • Turn the foot over and, using a coin, unlock the black brush clips to access and remove the brush roll. 

Lock brush roll tab Unlock brush roll tab

  • With the brush roll removed, clear away any debris build-up (hair, string, etc.). Stand the brush roll up on end and try to spin it freely. If it doesn't spin, a new brush roll will need to be ordered.
  • With the brush roll still removed, inspect the belt for breakage. If your belt is intact, replace the brush roll by inserting the geared end through the belt and firmly pressing both ends of the brush roll back into place.

remove brush roll

NOTE: If your belt is broken, it will come right out if lightly tugged on. In this the case, a new belt needs to be ordered. 

  • Replace the brush clips by first angling the tabbed end into place and then lowering the clip into place. The clips must be flush with the machine to lock. Once flush in place, turn the locking notches to the locking position on both clips. 

replace brush roll tab replace brush roll tab flat

If you machine's brush roll still won't turn, please contact us. A representative will be happy to assist you.

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