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Why is my PowerFresh® Steam Mop leaving too much water on the floor?


Use the following steps if your PowerFresh® Steam Mop is leaving too much water on the floor:

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NOTE: you steam may be leaving water behind because: it's being used on a steam setting that's more than you need or it's being run over the same spot too long.

NOTE: the 15-20 second sanitizing method in the User’s Guide is meant to sterilize the area being cleaned and isn’t necessary during normal use.

  • Your water tank should be full and sit flush with the machine. Remove your tank and firmly push it back into place leaving no gaps.

tank gap tank no gap

NOTE: using heated water can deform the tank and cause it to sit improperly which can cause leaks. If the tank is deformed, a new tank needs to be ordered.

  • With a full water tank, plug your machine in, and after the "Steam Ready" light has stopped blinking, select a steam setting. Wait for the knocking sound to fade and run your machine.
  • If your machine still leaves too much water, unplug the machine, remove the water tank, and inspect the tank for cracks/leaks. If a crack/leak is found a new tank needs to be ordered.
  • With the water tank still removed, check for cracks on the cap and if the rubber gasket is still attached. If a crack is found or the rubber gasket is not attached, a new cap needs to be ordered.

water tank

  • Over a sink, push up on the x-valve on the water tank. It should release water. If not, a new cap needs to be ordered. 

x valve

If your machine still leaves too much water, please contact us. A representative will be happy to assist you.

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