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Why does my AirRam have no or low suction?

Use the following steps if your AirRam has no or low suction:

NOTE: The machine should be fully charged. If not, plug the machine in until fully charged. Charge level is indicated by the # of flashing green lights illuminated on the battery when plugged in. When the unit is fully charged, the 4 green lights will turn solid.

fully charged  

  • Remove the dirt bin by grasping the clear handles and pulling up. Turn the machine on and feel for suction strength at the motor duct.

 CAUTION: when turned on, the brush roll will begin to spin so be cautious when feeling for suction at the motor duct!

remove dirt bin motor gasket  

NOTE: if the brush roll does not begin to spin when turned on, see our “Why won't the brush roll on my AirRam turn?” FAQ.
  • On the gray end of the dirt bin, lift up on the release tab to open the dirt bin door.

lift grey tab

  • Over a trash bin, shift the slider bar towards the open end to empty the contents of the tank.

slider bar

  • Shift the slider bar back and snap the dirt bin door shut.
  • On the opposite end of the dirt bin door, pull on the black tab to remove the filter.
  • Separate the foam filter from the black filter insert. Grasp each end and pull them apart. If necessary, wash both pieces and allow to completely dry before reassembly.
NOTE: all components of the dirt bin can be washed.

remove filter separate filter

  • Reinsert the filter insert into the foam filter and replace the piece back into the dirt bin until it clicks into place. The filter insert should sit flush with the end of the dirt bin.
  • Firmly push the dirt bin back into the foot until both ends click into place. The grey end should sit flush with the foot of the machine. Test for suction.
If your machine still has no or low suction, please contact us. A representative will be happy to assist you.
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