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Why is there Steam Coming from the Hole on the Back of my Steam Ready™?

  • This hold is a pressure relief valve.  The valve is designed to release steam if something is blocking the steam path inside the unit.  CAUTION:  This area may be hot!
  • Remove the mop-head and check for steam at the spray tip by taking off the foot of the machine and aiming the spray end in the sink or tub.  DO NOT put any body parts near the end of the machine when checking for steam.
  • If there is no steam with the mop-head removed, unplug the machine and let it sit for at least 5 minutes to cool.  Clean the spray tip with a paperclip, if there is still no steam, please contact us at this link for further assistance:
  • If there is steam with the mop-head removed, the mop head may be clogged.  With the paperclip, clean the hole on the bottom of the foot where the steam comes out.  Also, check the top of the foot (the part that attaches to the machine) to ensure there are no obstructions.
  • 1464 spray tip
  • Pour white vinegar though the top of the mop-head to clear the clog.  DO NOT put vinegar in the water tank and run it through the machine, it will damage the internal components.  Then, clear the vinegar out of the foot by running warm water through it.  Reattach the mop-head to the machine and attempt to spray into the sink or tub to check for steam.
  • If the unit still does not steam, please contact us at this link for further assistance:
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