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My PROlite® has no power. What should I do?


Note:  If the vacuum powers up, but the brush doesn’t turn, see our “brush not turning” FAQ for troubleshooting.

1. Unplug the vacuum and check the entire length of the power cord and the plug to see if it’s damaged.  Run the palm of your hand down the entire length of the cord and feel for any edges.  The cord should be smooth all the way down.  If the cord is damaged, please take your vacuum to a technician. You can find your nearest BISSELL® Authorized Service Center by clicking or by calling 1-800-237-7691, available 24 hours a day. 

2. Make sure cord is plugged in to a working outlet. Try another appliance in the outlet or try a different outlet just to double check.

3. Make sure the power switch is turned on. A green light should illuminate around the power switch when the vacuum is turned on.

4. Make sure the handle has been screwed in securely. If the screws haven’t been installed, reinstall the handle and secure by inserting the screws making sure no gap is between the handle and the base.  If there’s a gap, push firmly until flush.

5. Check for clogs. Reduced air flow from dirty filters or clogs will put greater stress on the motor, increasing the possibility for overheating.

6. Your vacuum has a built-in thermal protector to prevent overheating. The thermal protector turns the vacuum off automatically. If this happens, the power and brush button lights will blink. Should the vacuum turn off due to the thermal protector, unplug the vacuum, clear any clogs, wash the filters, and wait 30 minutes for the thermal protector to reset. Plug the machine back in and try again.

7. This vacuum is also built with a sensor that automatically shuts the brush motor off if the brush becomes jammed. When a jam occurs, power to the motor is cut and the lights around the brush button will flash five times. In order to clear the jam, unplug the vacuum, clear the brush of any debris and reassemble. The vacuum should function properly if the jam has been removed.  If not, the lights will blink again. Please note: the machine’s power must be reset after the brush sensor shuts the vacuum down.  You can do this by simply unplugging the vacuum.

8. If the vacuum still doesn’t have power, take your vacuum to a technician. You can find your nearest BISSELL® Authorized Service Center by clicking by calling 1-800-237-7691, available 24 hours a day.

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