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Pet Hair Eraser Brush Roll Noise

  • Brush roll noises are usually described as a "rattling" noise. This type of noise occurs when either debris on the brush roll rattles during operation or when a loose object is caught somewhere near the brush roll.
    • Unplug your vacuum and turn it over on the ground.
    • Remove the brush access plate.
    • Remove the brush and belt. If the belt is broken and/or missing it will need to be replaced. Click here to order:
    • Remove any hair or debris on the brush, especially near the end caps. Once cleaned, stand the brush roll on end holding the top with one finger. With the other hand, spin the brush.
    • 3920 spin the brush
  • It needs to be able to spin freely. If it turns but won't spin several revolutions freely, the brush will need to be replaced. Click here to order:
  • If the brush and belt are both OK, reinstall by first putting the belt around the metal motor shaft and then over the space on the brush roll where there are no bristles.
  • With the belt in place, insert the brush back into the base making sure both end caps fully slide into place.
  • 3920 replace brush
  • Turn the brush roll by hand to center the belt.
  • Replace the access plate and screw and/or lock it back into place making sure it is firmly in place with no gaps.
  • Turn the vacuum over and stand it upright.
  • Plug in the vacuum and turn it on to ensure it is now working properly.
  • If the brush is working properly and is clean, but still loud, the noise is most likely coming from the motor. Please take the machine to your nearest BISSELL Authorized Service Center by clicking on this link:
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