Model No 32013

Style 2 Enviro Fresh® Vacuum Cleaner Bags (3 pack)

4 out of 5 Customer Rating
MicroFiltration bags for your vacuum cleaner

Constructed with an electrostatic liner which captures a wide range of dust particles including many pollens, spores, bacteria, dust mites and allergens.  99.7% filtration down to 5.0 microns; can capture particles as small as 0.1 micron.  Includes 3 bags.  It is best to check the dirt level in the bag before each use. For best performance, it is recommended that you change your bag when it is 1/2 to 2/3 full or when the outside of the bag feels firm to the touch. When accumulated, small dust particles can keep the air from circulating; this can reduce the suction in your vacuum. You may need to change your bag more frequently when vacuuming fine dust and debris, pet hair or new carpet. It is also recommended to check your vacuum’s filters at the same time you check the bag.

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Name Style 2 Enviro Fresh® Vacuum Cleaner Bags (3 pack)
Model No 32013
Quantity 3