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Installing New Discs | How to Videos | SpinWave®

If you ever need to replace a spinning disc that secures the mop pads to the machine here is a simple way to do so

  • To start you’ll need a phillips head screwdriver
  • Make sure your machine is turned off and unplugged
  • First, carefully lay the machine on its back
  • Next, remove the mop pads to expose the screws that hold each disc on
  • Unscrew the right disc screw by twisting it counter clockwise. Unscrew the left disc screw by twisting it clockwise
  • Even though the discs fit snug, they are made to be removed. To remove the discs, pry them off from both sides pulling straight off the foot of the machine
  • Now, install the new disc by lining it up and pushing it straight down, with the hook and loop material facing away from the foot
  • To screw the disc back on, twist the right disc screw clockwise, and the left disc screw counter clockwise until both are tight
  • Apply the mop pads to the new discs by lining up the gray dot to the screw in the center of the disc

That’s it, you’re ready to get back to cleaning with your SpinWave.

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