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Parts & Supplies

Remote - EV675™ Multi-Surface Robotic Vacuum | 1618524
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Part #:

Remote for the BISSELL® EV675™ Multi-Surface Robotic Vacuum, Series 2503.

NOTE: Be sure to install batteries in the remote.

To Pair the Remote to the Robot follow these instructions:

  • While the Power Switch is on the side of the robot is OFF, OFF (O), press and hold the play button on the remote for 5 seconds until the clock icon on the display flashes.
  • Continue to hold the play button and turn the robot ON (I).  NOTE:  The robot will beep three times to indicate that it has successfully paired

To Set the Clock follow these instructions:

  • Set the time by pressing the clock button on the Remote Control and holding until the icon flashes on the Remote Control display
  • Use the directional arrows to set the hour and minute
  • Press the clock button again to save the time setting. NOTE: The robot will beep once to confirm the time has been saved.

To Schedule Cleaning Sessions:

  • NOTE: Be sure the clock is set to the correct time before scheduling cleaning sessions.
  • Press the schedule button on the Remote Control. The icon will begin to flash on the Remote Control display.
  • Use the directional arrows to set the hour and minute for your robot to start cleaning.
  • Press the schedule button again to save the schedule setting. NOTE: The robot will beep once to confirm the schedule has been saved.
  • To cancel a scheduled cleaning session, press and hold the schedule button on the remote.
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