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Best Vacuum Guide

So, you’re looking for a new vacuum, and it’s safe to say by now you’ve come to realize there’s a lot that goes into finding the best vacuum and you’ve found yourself asking which vacuum cleaner is best for me and my home? Maybe you just bought a new house, moved away for college or adopted your first pet. No matter your situation, we know there’s a best vacuum out there for you and your needs. At BISSELL® we’ve been engineering innovative floorcare solutions for more than 142 years, so you can shop with confidence that we’ll help you find what you need. And, that’s exactly why we put this guide together. Below you’ll find some of the big factors you may want to consider when buying a new vacuum cleaner, so you make the most out of your machine and your purchase.

• Floor Types
• Vacuum Types
• Benefits & Features
• Mess Types
• Pets Products
• Reviews

Floor Types

We started by looking at our staple products – upright vacuums. We’ve spent decades crafting the perfect upright vacuum for various cleaning needs, and with vacuums ranging in price from $59.99 to $299.99, we’re confident you can find the right one for you in your price range. Of course, depending on what features are important to you in a vacuum, the more you add the more you’ll pay. (We get into the nitty gritty when it comes to features a little farther down this page.) And, because we have so many options to choose from when looking for the best vacuum, we know you’ll find the best affordable vacuum for you.

When buying a new vacuum the first question you’ll likely ask yourself is where will I be using this machine the most in my house? While there’s no wrong answer, there are a lot of different answers. The most common use of vacuums is on carpet. That’s why we have more than a dozen upright vacuums that make vacuuming whole rooms and larger carpeted areas easy. But how do you know which vacuum is best for carpets? The answer to that question, and many others inspired us to create this guide for you.

As we’ve learned in the last few years, home trends are changing, and more people are moving away from whole room carpeting and moving towards hard floors. Believe it or not, you can vacuum your hard floors with the same machine you use on your carpet and area rugs. Some of our products like the CleanView® Rewind Pet are designed specifically to provide a smooth transition between carpet and wood, tile or laminate floors, making them our best vacuums for hardwood floors AND carpet, so you get multi-surface cleaning in a single machine.

If your home has more hard floors than carpet, you may want to consider a stick vacuum like the Multi ReachTM Cordless Vacuum. They’re compact, lightweight and, in most cases, cordless. Plus, many of them, including Multi Reach, convert into hand vacuums, or utilize attachments for extended reach for cleaning above floors. BISSELL stick vacuums also come with a motorized brush roll and powerful suction, so they can clean messes like crumbs and embedded pet hair on everything from bare floors to large area rugs.

Vacuum Types

By now you realize there are so many kinds of vacuums to consider – not just stick vacuums and upright vacuums. When it comes to choosing a vacuum type, you should ask yourself if you want a bagged vacuum or bagless vacuum. Today, many of our vacuums are bagless, but we do still have bagged vacuums on the market if that’s the route you’d like to take. The PowerLifterTM Pet Bagged Vacuum Cleaner is a great option. When it comes to bagless vacuums you’ll find yourself with a few more options. Of course there’s our traditional upright vacuum cleaners like the PowerEase® Swivel Rewind Pet that we recommend for whole room cleaning. Canister vacuums are also good for bigger cleaning projects, and they’re best for unique spaces including stairs, upholstery and curtains. You can also vacuum wet messes with our MultiClean® Wet and Dry Auto Vacuum. This machine gives you professional cleaning results inside and outside the home. 

If you’re hoping to clean smaller spaces, consider a stick or cordless vacuum like the AirRam® Cordless Vacuum. These smaller vacuums are lightweight yet powerful enough to clean your whole home – it doesn’t matter if the mess is on hard floors or an area rug. Plus, some of our stick vacuums even convert into smaller hand vacs you can take basically anywhere in your home. Take the AdaptTM Ion Pet 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum for example, this guy converts into a handheld vacuum powered by a lithium-ion battery. We’re also working to make cleaning even easier with our robotic vacuums. The idea is eventually, they’ll do pretty much all the work for you, and we’re already on the way there. Take our EV675™ Multi-Surface Robotic Vacuum for example, all you need to do is make sure it’s charged, and you have a clean scheduled, then let the robot do its thing, so you can come home to a deeper clean.

Benefits & Features

Of course, we know convenience is key when it comes to making a lot of purchases, and in a perfect world, you’d have a vacuum that cleans more than just your floors. Well, lucky for you, so many of our upright vacuums come with added benefits and features like tools and attachments for whole home cleaning, including those pesky carpeted stairs that always seem to be so hard to clean. That’s where our TurboBrush Tool comes in handy. Vacuums like the CleanView® Swivel Rewind Pet come with this tool, which connects to the vacuum’s hose and acts as a mini vacuum! Other helpful attachments that many of our vacuums come with include the Pet Hair Corner Tool for upright vacuums, the LED Lighted Crevice Tool and the Pet Hair Eraser Tool. BISSELL vacuums also come with a few different types of brush rolls, for example, some have a Tangle-Free Brush Roll while others have a Triple Action Brush Roll. In many cases, our vacuums come with a Brush Roll On/Off Switch for gentle cleaning on hard, sensitive floors. Our Scatter-Free Technology also works gently on hard floors, and because it stops the scatter, you pick up more debris with each pass, so you can clean quicker.

Speaking of cleaning quicker, vacuums with OnePass Technology are proven to pick up more debris on the first pass and Swivel Steering lets you maneuver around furniture and other obstacles in your home so you can get the job done quick. As our vacuums clean dirt and debris from your home, depending on the model you have, it goes through our Multi-Cyclonic Suction System which is engineered to help our vacuums last longer. It works by creating a cyclone of debris to remove and separate dirt to keep it on the inside of the tank and away from the vacuum’s motors and filters. It’s a similar idea behind our vacuums with Multi-Level Filtration. If you decide to go with one of our bagless vacuums, plan to change your vacuum’s filter every 3-6 months. It can be done in a few simple steps. And, here’s some good news ,you have another option besides just your vacuum’s base filter.

BISSELL offers accessories like Febreze Filters to add another level of freshness to your home while you clean. We want to make products that not only clean well, but clean fast because we know you’d rather spend your time doing almost anything else besides cleaning. But it’s not just cleaning that we’ve made quicker, the process of packing up and maintaining our vacuums after you clean is fast too, thanks to features like Automatic Cord Rewind and the Easy Empty Dirt Tank. And when you’re done emptying the tank and wrapping things up, many of our machines are lightweight, and some products, like the AdaptTM Ion Pet 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum, even collapse for easy storage so your vacuum is easy to get out, easy to maneuver and easy to put away.

Mess Type

Now that you’ve thought a little about where you’ll be using your vacuum, and are familiar with the features we offer, you should also consider the types of messes you may be cleaning. We know all-too-well, the actual mess and where you’ll see it – much like life – is unpredictable, but there’s no harm in trying to prepare for the unpredictable. Just like our vacuums can transition from cleaning hard floors to carpet, they also transition and transform to clean a lot of above-floor messes. Some of our other helpful vacuum tools include the Crevice Tool, which gets dirt and debris up and out of small spaces like between cushions or auto interiors. You can pair the Crevice Tool with the Extension Wand to reach higher and farther around your home, tackling cobwebs on the ceiling or crumbs under the couch. Of course, not all messes are dry. So, what about those wet, sticky messes? Lucky for you, we know your time is precious, so we have products like the CrossWave® and other wet-dry vacuums, which clean up wet and dry messes at the exact same time.

Pet Products

It’s no secret, we love pets, and they inspire everything we do. That’s why so many of our products will help you vacuum pet hair and clean up pet accidents, pet stains and pet odors, so you can spend more time loving your mess maker instead of cleaning up after him or her. Take the Pet Hair Eraser® Lift-Off® for example. It’s designed specially for homes with pets, and to make sure you know that, we put it in the name for you. This pet vacuum, and so many of our other pet products, come with special features like the Tangle-Free Brush Roll so you can say goodbye hair wrap, Hands-Free Empty so you don’t touch the yuck, and Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling SystemTM so pet hair and other messes stay inside the tank and away from the vacuum’s motor. But we can’t forget about our SmartSeal® Allergen System with Febreze which captures allergens and eliminates pet odors. Plus, for each pet product sold, we’ll make a donation to BISSELL Pet Foundation® as they continue working to clean up pet homelessness.*


The simple fact that you’re on this page, researching the best vacuum, means you are a smart shopper. And as any smart shopper knows, reviews help in a big way when it comes to making decisions about buying a product for one simple reason –they come from people who bought and are using our products. On, we take a lot of pride in our vacuum reviews section, because we know it means a lot to consumers like you. On each product page you’re provided with a wealth of information about the specific product. Those details always include a section on ratings. In this section you’ll find the average rating a product has out of five stars, how many total reviews the product has and how many of each (5-star, 4-star, 3-star and so on) reviews the product has. But that’s really just the beginning when it comes to how we make it easy to read reviews on our products. We feature our most-liked positive review and our most-liked negative review, because honesty is important. Below our featured vacuum reviews you can read every one that’s been written on the product if you wish. You can also search those reviews by entering terms or by sorting them by highest-rated reviews, lowest-rated reviews, the most helpful reviews, or the newest reviews. For people leaving reviews, we give them the option to leave a video or picture, because we know it will help so many people on their purchase path. We’ve spent so much time on our review sections because we’re hopeful this section will help you come to a conclusion on which is our best-rated vacuum cleaner.

Pet Hair Eraser® 1650A AirRam® 1984 CleanView® 2488 Cleanview®
Rewind Pet 2490
Pet Hair Eraser®
Lift-Off 2087
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Top Feature Tangle-Free™ Brush Roll Cordless OnePass Technology™ High Reviews Lift-Off Technology
What we love about it - and you will, too! We engineered this vacuum specifically for pet parents, because we know how difficult they can be to clean up after. Plus as an added bonus, this one comes with 2 extra pet tools at a special price!
This compact and lightweight vacuum provides powerful cleaning on carpet and hard floors. And, because it's cordless, you can take it around your home with ease without the hassle of a cord dragging behind you.
Sometimes you just need to get the job done, and the less frills the better. This upright vacuum has everything you need to simply clean quickly and powerfully. We aren't the only ones who love it, so do our customers. If the 4.8 out of 5 stars rating doesn't speak for itself, let some of our customers explain in their own words. What doesn't this vacuum have? It's loaded with tools and attachments, a Tangle-Free Brush Roll, Hands-Free Empty and it converts into a more mobile vacuum with lift-off technology.

If you’re more of a find-your-own-way person, our help doesn’t stop with this page, we have a nifty product selector to help you in your journey as well.

Certain trademarks used under license from The Procter & Gamble Company or its affiliates.

*BISSELL will donate up to $10 for all pet product purchases. Donation amounts vary by price point and can be activated at This year, we’re committed to donating at least $1,000,000 to BISSELL Pet Foundation.

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