Introducing the

BISSELL air400

At BISSELL™ we know clean. It’s because we have been helping you clean your home for over 140 years. Now we can help you clean your air. Introducing the BISSELL™ air400.


Clean Air Made Easy

Life happens: kids, pets, odors and allergies. BISSELL™ has designed the air400 to consistently clean your indoor air so you can enjoy your home and life even more.

Key Features

Triple Action™ Brush Roll

Clean & Fresh Air You Can Count On

The feeling you get from just having cleaned your home. The air400 helps to extend that feeling and continues working to capture allergens, odors, and dust.

Scatter-Free Technology

3-Stage Filtration

The Pre-Filter captures larger debris like hair and dust. The High Efficiency filter has a large surface area to capture even smaller particles. The one-inch thick Activated Carbon Filter is engineered to capture household odors.

Swivel Steering

CirQulate™ System

CirQulate™ System continuously monitors indoor air quality with a particle sensor and adjusts the air purifier’s speed of air flow if necessary.

Automatic Cord Rewind

Air Quality Feedback Indicator

This air purifier’s Air Quality Feedback indicator gives you a real-time air quality reading in a number that’s easy to understand.

Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

Digital DC Motor

The large fan drives the air400’s ability to exchange the air in a 400-sq.-ft. room three times every hour. The air400’s digital DC motor has 20,000 hours of performance life.

Multi-Cyclonic Suction System

Library Quiet Air Cleaning

To contribute to a peaceful sleeping environment, the air400 has a Silent mode that delivers air purification at Library Quiet sound levels and a sensor that activates Night mode to dim the lights on the air purifier.

How the CirQulate™ System Works?

When in Auto mode, the CirQulate System provides optimum filtration based on the air quality in your home.

The air400’s PM 2.5 sensor measures the concentration of particles in your home’s air, then shows your home’s air quality in real time on its air quality feedback display, making your once-invisible concerns visible.

In other words, when it senses particles, it will automatically adjust its fan speed to make quick work of capturing those particles.

air400 Cirqualate Feature
Ready to Order Your BISSELL™ air400 Air Purifier?

Purchase includes one air400, one High Efficiency Filter, one Pre-Filter, and one Carbon Filter. Comes with a 2 Year Limited Warranty.

$349.99 + FREE Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

The BISSELL™ air400 can clean up to a 400-sq.-ft. room. In a 400-sq.-ft. room, the BISSELL™ air400 filters the air three times every hour.
It is recommended to replace both the High Efficiency + pre-filter and the carbon filter once every six months.
When the red triangle light illuminates on the control panel of your air purifier, this indicates that your filter(s) needs to be changed.
The BISSELL™ air400 is designed to run all day and night. To save energy, it features a shutoff timer that can be set for one, four, or eight hours.
The BISSELL™ air400 has a Night mode feature that is activated by a hidden light sensor. As less light saturates a room, the white lights on both the control panel and air quality feedback display will turn off and the color wheel will dim.
The warranty is a 2-Year Limited Warranty. For more detailed information on your warranty, please refer to the Warranty page of your user guide.