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How to Fix the Brushroll & Belt on your PowerSwift™ Compact Video

Maintenance of your brush and belt may be necessary, we’ll show you how.

  • First, unplug your vacuum.
  • Turn the vacuum over and unscrew the 5 silver Philips head screw and remove the bottom cover. 
  • Pull the brush roll straight out and slide the belt off.
  • Inspect the brush roll by placing it on its end and spin. The brush roll should spin freely, multiple times by one flick.
  • If it doesn’t spin, replace the brush roll. 
  • Inspect the belt, replace if it appears damaged.
  • Place the belt back on the motor gear, pull the belt over the brush roll and place back in.
  • Position the brush roll end opposite of the belt to line up with the tab. The end closest to the belt will slide in the tab without any rotation. Rotate the brush to center the belt.
  • Reattach the bottom by replacing the 5 screws. Spin the brush by hand once revolution to self center the belt.


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