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Cleaning Above Floors | How to Videos | PowerFresh® Slim Steam Mop

Your PowerFresh® Slim Steam Mop has the ability to clean above floors or in tight spaces when using the extension want. It also has the convenience of converting into a handheld steamer when removing the extension wand. We’ll show you how to use both set ups!

  • Before changing from mopping to the handheld feature or disconnecting a tool from the handheld pod or extension wand, make sure steam is no longer coming from the nozzle by releasing the trigger and pressing the pause button.  
  • To clean above floors using the extension wand, step down on the back of the steam mop and lift up to release the extension wand. 
  • Be sure the desired steam setting is selected, then push the trigger located under the handle of the handheld pod to release steam.  
  • Attach the desired tool to the end of the Extension Wand to clean above floors and hard to reach areas such as ceilings, showers, baseboards, and sliding door tracks.
  • To convert the steam mop into a handheld steamer, push the release button located on the top of the extension wand and lift up to detach the handheld pod from the extension wand.  
  • The handheld pod can be used without using the tools. Just push the trigger under the handle to release steam from the end of the handheld pod.  
  • Before attaching your desired tool, make sure steam is no longer coming from the nozzle by releasing the trigger and pressing the pause button. 
  • Based on your cleaning needs, connect the desired tool to the end of the extension wand or the handheld pod. Select cleaning tools are included with this model. 
  • Use the flat scraping tool to steam and scrape off those sticky messes on floors and countertops.
  • Use the grout tool to remove dirt and grime from grout. 
  • Use the mop pad foot to steam larger areas such as shower walls and countertops. 
  • Use the angle concentrator tool to steam clean hard to reach corners and crevices where dirt and grime build up in the home like sinks and faucets. 
  • Use the green bristle brush to clean around stove tops, sinks and shower. 
  • When finished cleaning, turn off the machine by pressing the pause button and unplugging the unit. 
  • Wait for the steam to stop, then remove the tools from the extension wand and or handheld pod before reassembling your machine. 

We hope you found these tips useful to get the most out of your PowerFresh® Slim Steam.

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