BISSELL® Introduces Simple, New Method for Testing Carpet Cleanliness

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (Mar. 7, 2011) – Most Americans think vacuuming is enough to remove dirt from their carpets, but the unfortunate truth is that even regular vacuuming can leave ground-in dirt and stains behind. According to BISSELL Homecare Inc., the solution is to incorporate deep cleaning into carpet care and maintenance. To help expose the hidden filth in people’s carpets, BISSELL today introduced its new White Sock Test as an easy, at-home test for carpet cleanliness. The test will be demonstrated live at the International Home & Housewares Show, March 6-8 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Research shows a main reason Americans do not deep clean is because they feel vacuuming alone will keep their carpets dirt-free.* BISSELL wants to let carpet owners know that while regular vacuuming is necessary, it’s not always enough.

Like the well-known “white glove test” for dust, BISSELL’s White Sock Test uses items found in any home – a white sock and water – to show consumers when it’s time to clean their carpets. To take the test, twist your foot into a high-traffic carpeted area with a damp, clean white sock for 30 seconds. Afterward, the dirt in the carpet will be dramatically revealed on the bottom of the sock. By deep cleaning with a system like the BISSELL ProHeat 2X®, white socks will stay cleaner, and stubborn dirt will be laid to rest in the deep cleaner tank.

"The BISSELL White Sock Test is a great way to test your carpet’s cleanliness," said Rich Sorota, senior vice president and general manager of global marketing and sales for BISSELL. "Just as the iconic white glove test instantly detects dust on hard surfaces, so BISSELL’s White Sock Test will detect the unseen dirt that's lurking in consumers' carpets."

BISSELL’s wide selection of deep cleaning systems makes it easy for consumers to find one that suits their lifestyle. For example, the ProHeat 2X® Healthy Home™ Deep Cleaning System removes up to four times more allergens than vacuuming alone, making it easier for families to maintain healthier homes for their children and guests.

BISSELL will also unveil a contest this April to promote the White Sock Test, and give consumers a chance to win a $15,000 home makeover. For more details, visit

BISSELL's ProHeat 2X Deep Cleaning System® ($199.00), ProHeat2X® Healthy Home™ Deep Cleaning System ($279.00) and 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula ($20.99) are available at major retailers and at


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* BISSELL Deep Cleaning H&P, March 2010
** Based on NPD sales data


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