GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., October 5, 2016 – Meticulously cleaning floors with various surfaces typically requires several tools, several steps and lots of time. Families living on-the-go with jam-packed schedules don’t always have time to perform a thorough clean—switching between the vacuum, mop and bucket, broom and more. To make floor cleaning less of a chore, BISSELL, a leader in cleaning solutions and floor care, is introducing the CrossWave, a revolutionary multi-surface cleaning system.

The CrossWave vacuums and washes your floors at the same time —freeing up busy schedules and over-filled storage closets by eliminating the need for multiple cleaning tools. This all-in-one product also transitions seamlessly between hard surfaces and rugs, giving you a great clean on your hard floors as well as freshening up your area rugs.

The CrossWave was designed as a better way to get a great clean for the more than 85 percent of households that still own a mop and bucket.* With this floor care advancement from BISSELL—the mop and bucket, which often creates more of a mess than it actually cleans—may finally be a thing of the past.

“At BISSELL, we’re constantly looking for ways to simplify and improve cleaning, giving people more time to spend with loveable mess-makers—whether that’s their kids, pets or a kitchen mixer,” said Scott Smith, BISSELL Brand Manager. “The CrossWave is the next generation of clean, designed to streamline busy lives with a single, easy-to-use, all-in-one product.”

Key product benefits include:

  • Simultaneous vacuuming and washing saves time and provides a deeper clean for floors
  • The dual action multi-surface brush roll rotates at 3,000 RPM and mops floors while picking up debris
  • A two-tank system keeps cleaning solution and dirty water separate—unlike a mop and bucket
  • SmartClean Fingertip controls make the transition from hard surfaces to rugs and carpet seamless
  • The innovative multi-surface formula cleans hard floors and freshens up area rugs
  • Swivel steering allows for maneuvering under furniture and reaching into tight corners

To learn more about the CrossWave, please visit The CrossWave will be available at retailers nationwide later this month with a MSRP starting at $249.99.

About BISSELL Homecare, Inc. 

For 140 years and counting, Michigan-based BISSELL Homecare, Inc. has developed innovative floor care solutions that make cleaning easier. As the top-selling brand in floor care appliances, based on NPD unit sales, BISSELL understands that fuller lives often mean more messes, and that convenient cleaning tools help us embrace life’s messier moments. Now in its fourth generation of family leadership, the company supplies households across the globe with vacuums, sweepers, carpet-cleaning machines, hard floor cleaners and cleaning formulas. For more on the BISSELL complete line of floor care products, visit .

*Source: MRI 2014 Doublebase Study