Model No 1780

High Reach Duster

4.9 out of 5 Customer Rating
Extend your cleaning reach by up to 7 feet with this versatile duster.
Current Price: $23.99

The BISSELL® High Reach Duster extends up to 7 feet, so you can clean dust from high corners and other tricky spots in your home. The washable microfiber pad attracts and keeps dirt and dust on the pad, eliminating the need to use harsh chemicals with this duster. Not only does the reach extend upwards, the head of this above floor duster pivots and locks in multiple angles, making it easier to dust ceiling fans and other high edges in your home. The High Reach Duster also works as a hard floor duster for bare floors, so you can clean pet hair that’s hiding under furniture that may be too heavy to move regularly. It can also be converted as a handheld duster for regular household dusting, and when you’re done dusting, since the microfiber pad is machine washable, you can toss it in the wash, so it’s ready for next time!

  • Extend cleaning reach by up to 7 additional feet.
  • Duster head pivots and locks in several angles, so you can dust more than just corners and walls.
  • Microfiber pad attracts dust and dirt without requiring harsh chemicals.
  • Can be used as a handheld duster, high reach duster and a bare floor duster.
Product Specs & Support
Name High Reach Duster
Model No 1780
Quantity 1
Similar Models 76N4, 76N4A
Surface Type Bare Floors, Hard Floors, Counter Tops
Surface Type Bare Floors, Hard Floors, Counter Tops
Color Orange/White
Weight 1.46 lbs