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  • IconPet_Robot_Pet_Hair_Eraser_Bundle_B0119
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EV675™ Robot Vacuum & Pet Hair Eraser Bundle | B0119

A perfect pair for the multiple surfaces in your home!

The EV675™ Robot from BISSELL® cleans your floors for you, so you don't have to!  It adapts to clean multiple surfaces, like area rugs, low pile carpet* and hard floors and has smart sensors to detect when it's approaching stairs or other drop-off points as well as low battery levels so it can return to the dock and recharge. 

The BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser® Lithium Ion Hand Vacuum makes it easy to take care of the miscellaneous messes when they happen. This lightweight and convenient hand vacuum has a 14V lithium ion battery, so it holds a larger charge for longer, meaning it's ready for use when you need it.

*Removes most surface debris on carpet per IEC 62929, section 6.0 using debris.

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EV675® Robot Vacuum & Pet Hair Eraser® Bundle | 25039
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