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DigiPro® Robotic Vacuum - Symbols Model 2142

To understand how to use your DigiPro, you’ll first need to understand what all the symbols on the LED control panel mean. The control panel can be used to manually set up your DigiPro for cleaning.

  • To select a cleaning time, press the clock button on the control panel. There are 7 different run times that can be selected. 
  • If you want your robot to return to its docking station after it’s done cleaning there will be a dock icon that will show next to the run time on the display.
  • When two zeroes show up with a dock icon on the display, your digipro will find its way back to the docking station without doing any cleaning
  • If the display shows a run time with no dock icon then your robot will clean and stop where it is when the timer has run out, without returning to the dock
  • Your DigiPro uses five different navigation patterns to clean
  • In spiral mode, the robot will clean in circles until it encounters an obstacle. Once it encounters an obstacle, it will automatically switch to auto mode
  • In along the wall mode, the robot will clean along walls and edges
  • In Z formation mode, the robot will move up and down the room in a zig zag pattern
  • In diagonal path mode, the robot will move in diagonal paths around the room, adjusting its direction as obstacles are encountered
  • In auto mode, the robot will cycle through all cleaning modes to clean
  • Once the cleaning mode is selected, you can choose the cleaning power of your DigiPro. There are two power settings
  • In normal mode your DigiPro will clean with normal power
  • In turbo mode, your DigiPro will clean with more power
  • When you see this icon it’s time to charge your battery. The Power LED will also change from green to red
  • When the trash can shows on the display, the dust bin is full and needs to be emptied

That’s it! Now you’re ready to get your DigiPro to work

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