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DigiPro® Robotic Vacuum - Get to Know Your DigiPro Video Model 2142

Getting to know your SmartClean DigiPro is important before you put into action, we’ll show you how. 

  • This is the programmable docking station where your robot will go when it’s done cleaning or to charge the battery. 
  • These are the contact points on your robot and its docking station. They must be fully connected to correctly charge your machine
  • The LED control panel on your docking station is where you will program your machine to a cleaning schedule. 
  • Under the top cover of the machine you will find the dust bin. 
  • When you charge your DigiPro for the first time, you’ll need to plug the AC/DC adapter cord into this port then into an outlet.
  • Here you’ll find the power switch. This must be “on” to clean with and to charge your DigiPro 
  • The LED control panel on your machine is where you can manually select a run time, navigation pattern, cleaning power setting. This display will also tell you when your battery is low, when the dust bin is full or any error codes
  • Now carefully lay the machine on its back to view the other components
  • Your DigiPro has three wheels. Two rear wheels and one front wheel for turning.
  • There are three brushes on your DigiPro. One brush roll and two optional edge cleaning brushes
  • The battery on your SmartClean is under the battery cover plate. To remove the plate, press on the grooves above the two circles of the battery cover and slide the cover toward you

That’s it! Now you’re ready to put your DigiPro to work!

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