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DigiPro® Robotic Vacuum - Brushroll Maintenance Video Model 2142

Maintaining or replacing the brushroll on your DigiPro is easy, we’ll show you how.

  • To start, turn the machine off and unplug it if it is connected to the charging cord
  • Then carefully lay the machine upside down on a flat sturdy surface
  • Remove brush roll cover by lifting it off the machine
  • Remove the brushroll by first pulling away from the white axel and lifting the far end up, followed by the closer end
  • Clean any hair or debris off the intake and brushroll and put it in wastebasket. If your brushroll is damaged, it should be replaced
  • Insert the brush roll by inserting the silver end first, pushing the axel in and then inserting the black end into the white axel until you hear a click
  • Place the brushroll cover by inserting the tabs on the curved side first then push the other side down until it clicks

That's it!  Now you're ready to get your DigiPro back to work!

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