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Cleaning After Use | How to Videos | CrossWave® Pet Pro

The Easy Clean Storage Tray helps you both clean and store your CrossWave® Pet Pro

  • To clean your machine, place it onto the storage tray
  • Pour water into the rinse funnel, filling up to the max line
  • Turn on your machine by pressing the Hard Floor button
  • Recline your machine backwards while in the storage tray. Let the machine run for 10 to 15 seconds until all the water is picked up
  • Then unplug the cord from the outlet
  • If any moisture is left over in the tray from cleaning, wipe it dry with a paper towel or cloth
  • Remove the brush roll window by grabbing the front and pulling up
  • Pull out the brush roll by grabbing the tab and pulling up
  • Put the brush roll upright onto the Brush Roll Drying Tray to let it dry
  • To reinsert the brush roll, please reference our Cleaning Brush Roll video.
  • Then lock the pull tab into place by pressing downward
  • Reinsert the brush roll window by lining up the tabs with the edges of the foot.
  • Push the brush roll window back into place until you hear a click
  • Now to empty and clean the dirty water tank
  • To remove, grab the handle in front of the dirty water tank and press down on the release button
  • Grasp the top of the tank and pull up to remove it
  • Now pull out the strainer, place the debris in a waste basket, and rinse under running water
  • Empty the dirty water into a sink, then rinse your tank
  • Remove the filter from the top of the tank by pulling up
  • Hand wash the filter and screen using warm water
  • Then rinse the float, located on the bottom of the dirty water bin’s top
  • If the inside area where the dirty water tank sits is dirty, wipe it clean with a rag or towel
  • Leave the parts out to dry before reassembling
  • Once dry, place the vacuum filter back into dirty water tank top
  • Then place the strainer in the dirty water tank
  • Now, replace the top of the dirty water tank
  • To place the tank back on the machine, insert the bottom first at an angle and push it into place until you hear a click
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