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CleanView® Bagless Belt Maintenance Video

If you are experiencing trouble with your vacuum picking up well, you may need to check the brush and belt. We’ll guide you through the process. You will need a Phillips screwdriver.

  • Start by turning off and unplugging your machine
  • Lay the vacuum down to expose the brush roll.
  • Use your Phillips screwdriver to remove the 6 screws holding the brush cover.
  • Then lift the brush cover off the vacuum
  • Grab both ends of the brush and lift straight out of the vacuum. Then slip the brush off the belt
  • Remove the belt from the motor pulley if needed
  • To inspect the brush roll, set it on its end and spin it by flicking it once. If it doesn’t spin freely it is time to replace your brush roll.
  • Inspect your belt, if it is broken or damaged it will need to be replaced.
  • Place the new belt over the motor pulley and stretch the other end over the brush roll
  • Replace the brush roll by placing the belt-side of the brush in first, then turning the other end until it slides into place
  • When the brush roll is in, turn it to align the belt
  • Then replace the bottom cover and reinsert the 6 screws using your Phillips screwdriver.

These few steps should ensure your brush & belt are working properly

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