Full Steam Ahead

How to keep your BISSELL steam mop running its best

Steam cleaners such as the PowerFresh®, Steam&Sweep™, Steam Mop™ Deluxe, Steam Mop™ Select Triangle, and the Lift-Off ®Steam Mop clean hard surfaces quickly, effectively and without chemicals for a 100% natural clean you can feel good about.

To get the best results from your steam cleaner it’s important to care for the filter. BISSELL makes it easy! When the green beads in the filter turn blue, it’s time to replace it. How often a filter needs to be switched out could depend on your water quality. We recommend either distilled or de-mineralized water. Making this simple switch and emptying the tank after each use will extend the life of your steam mop and its filter.

Steam mops are safe on virtually all sealed floor surfaces and when used as directed steam kills many invisible germs and bacteria*.

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* kills many invisible germs and bacteria when used as directed.