Make Summer Chores Fun for Kids

When I was growing up, summertime meant picnics in the park, clamming on the beach, flying homemade kites in the park and trips to Puerto Rico with my family. But, just because my brothers and I were on summer vacation didn’t mean that we were exempt from chores. I was expected to clean my bedroom, wash the dishes and clean the bathroom on the weekends.

While my husband and I don’t have kids of our own yet, my friends with children use all sorts of ways to keep their kids interested in helping out, from small incentives like stickers for tasks completed to a weekly allowance for older kids. In the end, it’s about getting the whole family working together and kids excited about helping out.

This summer, keep your kids on track and the house looking great by turning chore time into family fun time. Keep reading to learn ways to get the whole family cleaning together.

  • Create a three-layer chore wheel with the names and pictures of your kids on the first layer, household rooms on another and various chores on a third. Each wheel can be spun individually to rotate chore assignments throughout the week.
  • You and your kids will really love this. Grab a few drab kitchen aprons and turn them into fun cleaning fashion. Have them decorate their very own to wear on cleaning days and carry along paper towels, rags, rubber gloves, etc.
  • To get your older kids excited about vacuuming, make a game of it. Sprinkle Febreze™ Carpet Deodorizing Powder around the room and wait a few minutes. Then watch your kids vacuum as usual while encouraging them to pick up all the powder throughout the room.
  • While younger children may not be able to run the washing machine on their own quite yet, they can help sort whites and darks before each load. After the wash and once the clothes come out of the dryer, they can help match socks and help identify which clothes belong to each family member. If you can’t find a match for a sock, turn it into a child-friendly dust mitt.
  • It’s easy to turn chores like setting the table and washing the dishes into a fun dance party or spontaneous sing-along with the help of a few good tunes. When a child is tasked with these chores, let him or her pick the music for before and after the meal to keep the family entertained.

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*Cleaning results based upon measurements of color reflectance and brightness of carpet fibers.