Featured Blog Post #11

Fall Cleaning: How to Clean a Lampshade, the Fans and More

by Mique of Thirty Handmade Days

This week for Fall Cleaning we are going to be tackling 5 places we don’t normally think to clean. I told you a few weeks ago that I had received the Bissell PowerGlide Lift-Off vacuum and that I would be back to show you how it has helped me with my Fall cleaning!

Some of the things I really don’t like to clean (because you usually can’t SEE the difference, even though you know it’s cleaner) are blinds, lampshades, and fans. Luckily having a vacuum with a detachable hose makes these jobs a lot quicker and easier.

The easiest way to clean a lampshade, and the blinds, is to use the crevice attachment on the detachable vacuum hose. This gives the hose a more focused suction, which gets rid of the dust without wiping it into the fabric.

Mine were really dirty because of our demo a few weeks ago.

To clean the fans I removed the cleaning pod from the vacuum and climbed up on a chair to reach the blades. There are lots of ways to clean fan blades but I like to vacuum them first so the dust doesn’t have a chance to drop down on anything else in the house.

Fall is also a good time of your to vacuum and spot clean your furniture. I bet if you lift up your couch cushions you will be shocked to find what has been hiding down in the cracks! Start by removing all the cushions. Use the detachable hose to vacuum all the corners of the couch.

Next put the TurboBrush attachment on and vacuum the base of the couch and all around the outside of the couch. This is a great way to get rid of any unwanted pet hair, as well as fluffing the fibers of the couch.

Once you are done with the body of the couch check the cushions for any stains. If you find a stain use (my favorite stain cleaner ever) Woolite Pet + Oxi to get it out. After you have removed any unwanted stains, vacuum the cushions with the TurboBrush to get rid of pet hair, dander, and to fluff the fibers.

The last thing we are going to clean today are the stairs. If you don’t have stairs then you’re in luck! You might be thinking, “I clean my stairs all the time”, and so do I, however when I clean them weekly I don’t detail all the corners to get out unwanted dust, hair, etc.

First take the crevice tool and vacuum each stair where it meets the wall. Then vacuum each corner where the stairs are joined.

Once you have vacuumed all the edges of the stairs then go back and vacuum, and fluff, the stairs with the TurboBrush.

Those are my Fall cleaning tips for today! If you still need to print your Fall Cleaning Checklist, click HERE.