Featured Blog Post #6

Beware the Durings!

by Jessica of Mad in Crafts

DIY projects are fun to tackle because the before and afters are so satisfying. It's gratifying to see what a big change you can make with hard work and planning. But many DIYers fail to plan for what lurks in the middle of a DIY project: The Durings!

You are used to DIY blogs showing you the sad before pictures and the shiny after pictures of a project, but we aren't often subjected to the terrors of the process itself. Home improvement projects create messes; there's no way around it.

Craft projects can be just as scary messy as DIY projects. For instance, I made these faceted icicle ornaments last year. Pretty picture, fun craft project, right? Well, in order to get that shot, I had to do this to my dining room...

Oh, the humanity! Craft materials all over the buffet, lamp pulled from the living room, stack of random furniture, home accessories, and kitchen linens. It was a mess. And that was just the mess I made taking the photos!

I made an ghastly mess while redoing our sunroom. There was sawdust from sanding the x-leg tables androlling bar cart. There was paint debris from spray painting the curtain rods. There was dirt and leaves tracked in from the back yard work space. DIYing is messy work. But, take heart! There are ways to combat the terrible forces of The Durings.

The best way to keep the terror of The Durings at bay is to clean as you go. It's not fun, it's not creative, it's not glamorous, but it is necessary. Thankfully my new BISSELL Pro-Glide, and some handy cleaning tips, made cleaning up my sunroom quick and easy.

The Pro-Glide has a super cool lift-off pod with a long-stretch hose that allowed me to suck up any sawdust that had fallen behind the furniture or that got wedged in the tracks of the side-by-side windows. Plus, the large capacity dirt cup made it so I could clean up the whole room before dumping the bagless container's contents in the trash.

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