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5 Minute Cleaning Tips to Get Your House Ready for Guests

by Susan from 5 Minutes for Mom

Life with little kids can be messy. When you have last-minute guests arriving, use these quick cleaning tips to make your house seem cleaner than it may actually be.

There are four critical areas of your house to clean, and a few tricks in each will give off a polished feel for your guests.

1. Front Hall
Vacuum the entrance mat and hall.
Put shoes, coats, backpacks, etc. in the closet and close the door.
Pick up mail, newspapers or stray papers.

2. Kitchen
Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
Wipe kitchen counters and stovetop.
Clear clutter from the kitchen table.

3. Family Room
Pick up toys and stack magazines or books.
Run a cloth over the coffee table.
Vacuum the main floor space.

4. Bathrooms
Wipe bathroom taps, counter and mirror with a water/vinegar mixture.
Clean the toilet.
Put out fresh hand towels.

And Lastly …
Close the bedroom doors.
After a quick run through those steps, your house will be clean enough for you to relax, and enjoy some time with your guests.

Written by Susan of 5 Minutes for Mom
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