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40 Tips for Making your Biggest Game of the Year Party a True Winner

by Susan and Janice from 5 Minutes for Mom

Entertaining for the Big Game can be one of the most fun events you will host all year. Here are 40 tips to scoring a touchdown with your guests.

Get Prepared

1. Plan to have the right number of guests. The more may be the merrier, unless they can’t see the TV.
2. Make an online invitation list to track RSVPs and get an accurate count of guests.
3. Ask guests if they want to bring any food and find out exactly who is bringing what dish.

Clean Ahead

4. Do a deep clean ahead of time and then a quick vacuum the morning of the party.
5. Get rid of PET HAIR — make sure your carpet, couch and chairs are free of any pet hair.
6. Clean out your fridge and make room for party food.
7. Dust your TV, mantle, coffee table and end tables.
8. Clear ice or snow from your stairs, driveway and entrance.

Stock Up

9. Grocery shop well ahead of time and stock up on ingredients, drinks, supplies and bags of ice.
10. Plan ahead how many people are coming and how much food you’ll need.
11. Ensure you have extra garbage bags and paper towels on hand.
12. Get out your barbecue if you’ll be using it.
13. Consider asking a couple guests to bring extra crockpots or warming plates for keeping food and dips warm.

Set Up The Room

14. Set up your dining room table or another buffet table with napkins, paper plates, serving spoons, cutlery, dishes, glasses, etc. ahead of time.
15. If you choose to cut down on dishes by using paper plates and perhaps plastic cups, still use real utensils.
16. Place extra seats, chairs and cushions in your TV room — arrange them to ensure everyone can see the TV and still walk through the room
17. Remove anything unnecessary or fragile from coffee tables, end tables and other furniture in the TV room.
18. Put a lot of coasters out.
19. Keep plenty of napkins and paper towels nearby.


20. Cool beer mugs in the freezer overnight.
21. Print drink labels so people can keep track of whose glass is whose.
22. Chill drinks ahead of time.

Plan for the Kids

23. Set up a kids’ play area and a non-fan socializing area.
24. Make some special fun party food just for the kids.
25. Have kids activities planned, including printables and games.

Keep Food Coming

26. Keep food easy to serve and eat.
27. Offer a variety of food, including a few Big Game party favorites like sliders, chicken wings, and pizza.
28. Make easy homemade dips to accompany store-bought chips and snacks.
29. Use your slow cooker — you can even serve straight from it.
30. Pile a veggie plate high and keep refilling it with fresh, cold dip.
31. Offer varieties of spice levels — mild to hot salsa, guacamole and chicken wings.
32. Don’t let food that can spoil sit out for more than 2 hours.
33. Make snack mix easier to share by serving in individual plastic cups or glasses.
34. Have extra bowls for easily sharing chips.
35. Clearly mark appetizers and other food items listing key ingredients.
36. Offer several vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Keep Drinks Flowing

37. Consider having a cooler stocked with ice, beer and sodas near the couch.
38. Offer beer alternatives: perhaps a fun cocktail and/or wine for the women.
39. Prepare a nonalcoholic beverage such as homemade punch.
40. And of course, have tea and coffee available.

Follow these tips to prepare and host your Big Game party and you’re sure to have a happy crowd — no matter what the score.

Written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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