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10 Spring Cleaning Tips

by Susan from 5 Minutes for Mom

It’s time to spring clean — and we have 10 tips to make your cleaning easier, faster and even more fun!

Our mom likes to tell us stories about spring cleaning when she was young. She loved the ritual of ridding the house of winter dirt and dust and beginning the new season as fresh as the flowers pushing out of their winter bulbs. While we can’t quite match her enthusiasm for cleaning, we do love the inspiration of a house scrubbed clean and ready for sunshine and spring flowers.

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Tip 1 — Open the Windows
Before you start your cleaning, open some windows to get fresh air in and the smell of cleaning products out.

Tip 2 — Make a Playlist
Have fun and clean faster by dancing your way through your cleaning. Make a fun playlist of upbeat music to keep you energized. Or, if you are in the mood to multitask, select an audiobook to keep your brain engaged while cleaning.

Tip 3 — Declutter, Donate and Toss
It always feels great to clear out the extra stuff that is filling up our houses. From outgrown clothes to old books and broken toys, spring cleaning is the perfect time to declutter.

Tip 4 — Stock Up for Natural Cleaning

As you get ready to dive into your spring cleaning, stock up on some natural cleaning product staples such as vinegar, baking soda and lemons. It is amazing how effective and inexpensive natural cleaning can be.

For natural cleaning tips and ideas, check out our post 10 Tips for Natural Cleaning – With Easy DIY Homemade Cleaning Product Recipes.

Tip 5 — Make a Plan
Create a cleaning checklist and move from room to room. Make a plan with goals you can reach. You will stay focused, as well as feel encouraged and motivated, as you check off items on your list.

Tip 6 — Clean Top to Bottom
Make sure you do your dusting and wash down your counters and mantles before you vacuum.
Whether you are in the kitchen or the living room, it is more than frustrating when you realize you are dropping dust or crumbs on your just-cleaned floors.

Tip 7 — Use Cleaning Tricks to Simplify the Job
We all can use a little magic to make our cleaning faster and more effective. And sometimes a simple idea is just the thing we need. Cleaning windows and mirrors with newspapers instead of paper towels leaves fewer streaks and no paper towel fluff. Dryer sheets do double duty on baseboards, cleaning off dirt and dust while reducing future dust buildup. And have you ever thought of using a lint roller to clean your lampshades? It is brilliant!
You can find more cleaning tips and tricks at 5MinutesforMom.com/CleaningTips.

Tip 8 — Use Your Vacuums Extension Tool
Your vacuums extension tools can be your best friends when it comes to spring cleaning.

Get in behind furniture, deep into tight spots, up high to the ceiling and under the cushions on the couch. Also use them to clean your blinds, ceiling fans and chandeliers.

Tip 9 — Clean Major Appliances Inside and Out
Appliances often get forgotten during our daily cleaning routines. So when you are doing your spring cleaning, make sure you give your major appliances a nice deep clean.
Wash your dishwasher, fridge, freezer and washing machine inside and out, including knobs and buttons. Clean and wash filters and other parts that need attention.

Tip 10 — Reward Yourself with Fresh Flowers
You have worked hard! When your house is sparkling, make sure you indulge in some fresh flowers to bring the scene and scent of spring into your clean home.

To find even more of great cleaning tips, see our posts over at the BISSELL Celebrate Messes website.

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Written by Susan of 5 Minutes for Mom
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