2X Concentrated Cleaning Formulas

Introducing BISSELL 2X Ultra Cleaning Formulas!

Why 2X Ultra Concentrated Formulas?

BISSELL is the category leader in the Floorcare Industry. As such, it only makes sense we go concentrated. Easier to carry, store and pour, the new cleaning formulas come with a built-in measuring cap like most concentrated laundry detergents.

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How to Use BISSELL Carpet Cleaning Formulas

New BISSELL 2X Formulas are concentrated which means less carpet cleaning formula is needed to get the same great cleaning results. Your BISSELL deep cleaning tank is marked for 1X formula so you'll need to adjust the way you add formula.

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Frequently Asked Carpet Cleaning Formula Questions

BISSELL’s industry leading chemists develop innovative carpet cleaning formulas to maximize performance. We are the only company that has both engineers and chemists working together designing new carpet deep cleaning machines and formulas to maximize carpet cleaning results.

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